Paradigm Volleyball has been established to construct a positive learning environment for athletes, while also providing a high level of on court volleyball training.


When determining the college or university you may wish to attend,  the following questions may be helpful.  These questions provide just a sample of things your daughter may want to consider, both academically and athletically:
Do they have a women's volleyball program and what level of play (Division I, II, III)? 

What major, course subjects or degree do I wish to focus on academically?
What is the academic selectivity of these schools (ie: how hard is it to get into this school.  Some acceptance rates range from 13% to over 70%)

lHow large is the college or universities campus:

How big its student body size?

What is the geographic local of the college or university?
(small town, urban city or suburb)

Do I wish to stay close to home or am I open to other states/regions?
(consider distance and method of travel)
What is my financial need? Do I need a scholarships, grants, loans (athletic/academic, financial aid)?