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May 18, 2015

Revolution finishes the season on top

This past weekend marks the end of the 2015 season for 4 out of the 5 Paradigm teams.  Paradigm Revolution finished the season with a victory at the BNCC Sunshine Showdown.  What a special feeling for our Seniors to win in their last ever tournament.  As for the season as a whole, Paradigm had a wonderful season.  All of the girls worked, trained and played hard throughout the season.  While it may not have been the best season in terms of number of championships (fell 1 short of tying the record for most championships in one season), it was a season of firsts for Paradigm.  This season is the first season that Paradigm qualified one of its team to go to Nationals.  As many know, this is not an easy task.  Congrats to Paradigm Revolt 17s on their Regional bid.  As for the rest of teams, below is a summary of finishes for the club.
  1st Place Finishes 2nd Place Finishes 3rd Place Finishes
Riot 0 0 2
Ruckus 1 0 3
Rebellion 2 0 2
Revolt 1 1 2
Revolution 2 1 2

Congrats to all players who participated this past season.  Best of luck next year!  Best of luck to Paradigm Revolt 17s at Nationals in New Orleans!!



May 4, 2015

Paradigm Volleyball earns first BID to Nationals!

This past weekend was a first for the Paradigm Volleyball Club.  The Paradigm Revolt 17s earned the first ever Bid to Nationals for Paradigm as a volleyball club.  At the end of June, the Revolt 17s will travel to New Orleans to participate in the USAV Junior National Championships to play against the best teams in the nation, all vying for a National Championship.  Congarts to the players and coaches of Revolt 17s.

As for the other teams that participated in the Bid Qualifier, all of the teams did what they needed to, to remain in contention for a Bid during Pool Play.  Revolution 18s, Rebellion 16s and Ruckus 15s all finished pool play in 2nd place which allowed them to advance to the Gold brackets in their respective division. Unfortunately, all 3 teams would lose in the Gold Semi Finals to fall just short of gaining a Bid.

Congrats to all teams and good luck to Paradigm Revolt in New Orleans



May 1, 2015

WEVA Bid Qualifer this weekend

This weekend, four of our Paradigm teams will participate in the WEVA Bid Qualifier.  At stake this weekend....  A trip to New Orleans.  Ruckus 15s, Rebellion 16s, Revolt 17s and Revolution 18s have qualified to participate in this bid tournament.   All four teams will play on Sunday May 3rd.  Ruckus will play at East High School while the other teams will play at the Main Street Armory.

Pools have been posted on the WEVA website and can be downloaded from here.

Please wear your Carolina Blue Paradigm gear to show your support for all of the Paradigm teams.

Good luck to all teams.



April 21, 2015

Paradigm Volleyball visits Mickey Mouse in Orlando, Florida

Last weekend, three of our older teams travelled to Orlando, Florida to participate in another National Qualifier, the Disney Volleyball Showcase.  The Rebellion 16s, the Revolt 17s and the Revolution 18s all participated in their respective USA divisions.  This weekend the teams decided to flip-flop how they would progress through out the weekend.  The Rebellion 16s started the weekend of strong, finishing 2-1 on day 1 to remain in contention.  However, they finished 1-2 on day 2 and were placed in the Silver bracket on day 3.  They would go on to lose in the quarterfinals of Silver to finish 17th out of 46 teams.

The weekend went a little differently for the 17s and 18s then it did at the previous Qualifier.  Well both teams fought hard on day 1, both finished 1-2 were out of contention.  Even though they were out of contention, both teams played hard and finished day 2 to find themselves in the Bronze bracket. Revolt 17s would go on to lose in the finals of Bronze to finish 17th out of 33 teams and Revolution 18s would lose in the quarterfinals of Bronze to finish 21st out of 30 teams

Congrats to all teams.




April 6, 2015

Northeast Qualifer

Over the last 2 weekends, all Paradigm teams participated in the Northeast Qualifer.  This tournament is divided across multiple weekends and at multiple sites.  The first weekend, Ruckus 15s and Rebellion 16s travelled to Philadelphia to play at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  In order to stay in contention for bids, teams have to finish 1st or 2nd in all of their pools.  Unfortunately, both teams feel shy of that goal on day 1, finishing 1-2.  Even though both teams were out of contention, they continued to fight hard to finish the best that they could.  Ruckus 15s would finish 1-2 and Rebellion was 3-0 on day 2.  On day 3,  Ruckus went on to lose in the semi finals of Flight 3 while Rebellion lost in the finals of Flight 1A. Ruckus would finish the weekend 49th out of  60 teams while Rebellion would finish 39th out of 72 teams.

The following weekend, the club would be split between 2 cities.  Riot 14s were in National Harbor, just outside of Washington DC while the older girls were in Philadelphia.  Riot 14s had a similar weekend to those of the 15s and 16s.  Finishing 1-2 on both of the first 2 days before losing in semifinals of Flight 3 on day 3.  They finished 49th out of 58 teams.  There final finish bettered their starting seed by 1.  They came into the tournament seeded 50th.  Nice job girls!

The weekend ended a little bit better for the Revolt 17s and Revolution 18s.  Both teams were able to stay in contention until the final day.  Revolt 17s took the easier path to the Gold Bracket on Sunday by finishing 2-1 on the first 2 days.  Rebellion 18s felt that they should challenge themselves.  Similar to the 17s, they finished 2-1 on day 1.  Day 2 was another story.  They finished 1-2 in a 3-way tie for second place.  This meant that the 3 teams would have to play 2 tie breakers to remain in contention for the bid.  The 18s saved their best for the tie breakers.  Winning both easily 25-18 followed by 25-13.  Both teams were very happy to have remained in contention until day 3.  On day 3, both teams lost in the quarterfinals of Gold to finish 9th overall.  Very respectible for a National Qualifier.

Congrats to all teams over the 2 weekends.




March 18, 2015

Paradigm Volleyball brings home multiple championships

This past weekend was one of the best weekends for Paradigm as a club.  With all 5 teams participating in the WEVA Digfest across 4 divisions, Paradigm brought home championships in 2 of those 4 divisions. Paradigm Revolution 18s and Paradigm Rebellion 16s both won their divisions this past weekend.  The other 3 teams faired just as well.  Paradigm Ruckus 15s and Paradigm Riot 14s both lost in the Gold semifinals to finish 3rd overall in their divisions.  Paradigm Revolt 17s had a chance to win a championship as well but due to them playing up in the 18s division, met the our own 18s in the finals and had to settle for a 2nd place finish.

Two 1st place finishes, one 2nd place finish and two 3rd place finishes.  Epic weekend for Paradigm.

Congrats to all teams.



March 11, 2015

Paradigm Volleyball stays local to support WEVA

This coming weekend Paradigm Volleyball will stay local again to support WEVA and participate in the WEVA Digfest.

The pool information can be found here.

Here is where all of the teams will be this weekend:
Revolution 18s - East High School on Sunday 3/15
Revolt 17s - East High School on Sunday 3/15
Rebellion 16s - Main Street Armory on Sunday 3/15
Ruckus 15s - East High School on Saturday 3/14
Riot 14s - Main Street Armory on Saturday 3/14

Good luck to all teams.



March 2, 2015

Revolt 17s wins VFX Challenge!

Paradigm Volleyball stayed local this past weekend to participate in the largest volleyball tournament in Rochester.  The club as a whole did very well against teams from Western New York, Syracuse, Albany and Canada.

The highlight of the weekend was the Revolt 17s winning the 17s division for Paradigm's 2nd tournament championship of the year.  Revolt 17s beat Xtreme 17 Xplosion in the finals to avenge an earlier loss in pool play.

Other notable finishes include both Revolution 18s and Ruckus 15s making it to Gold in their respective divisions.  Ruckus 15s finished 5th overall losing in the Gold Quarterfinal match.  Revolution 18s finished 3rd overall.  In their Quarterfinal match, Revolution 18s took on VFX Magic.  The girls dropped the first set 25-18 and dug themselves a big hole in the second.  They were down 8-2 and 18-10 before kicking it into overdrive and winning the second set 25-22.  They won the 3rd set 15-9 to move on and face the eventual champions, Ottawa Mavericks.

Here is how all of the teams finished:
Revolution 18s - 3rd / 38 Teams
Revolt 17s - 1st / 16 Teams
Rebellion 16s - 9th / 40 Teams
Ruckus 15s - 5th / 20 Teams
Riot 14s - 19th / 28 Teams

Congrats to all teams on their respective finishes!



February 23, 2015

Mid Atlantic Power League

Paradigm Vollyball travelled to York, PA this weekend to participate in the Mid Atlantic Power League. The Mid Atlantic Power League hosts some of the best teams on the East Coast.  The girls knew going in that they were going to be challenged but they came away realizing that they can compete with the best.

Highlights from the weekend include the Rebellion 16s winning the Silver Bracket in the 14-16s divsion to finish 9th overall and the Revolution 18s team beating a team that no one gave them any chance to win. On the first day of competition in their second pool, Revolution won a wild 3 set match against the Metro American 17 Travel team.  Metro American 17 Travel is one of the best 17s team in the nation. Revolution 18s ended the day 4-0 with great opportunity to go to Gold.  Unfortunately, the next morning they lost there crossover match and ended up in the Silver Bracket.  The Revolution 18s made it all the way to the Silver Finals before falling to the Fredricksburg Juniors.

Here is how all of the teams finished:
Revolution 18s - 10th / 48 Teams
Revolt 17s - 35th / 48 Teams
Rebellion 16s - 9th / 54 Teams
Ruckus 15s - 47th /54 Teams

Congrats to all teams on their respective finishes!



February 17, 2015

Capitol Hill Classic results

This past weekend, Paradigm Volleyball Club travelled to Washington DC to participate in one of the largest volleyball tournaments on the East Coast.  With 916 teams participating in 15 divisions, the girls were bound to run into teams that they don't normally play.

The highlight of the weekend was the Revolt 17s pulling out a victory in the Silver Bracket finals.  After losing the first set.  The girls rallyed to win the second and then won the tie breaker 15-12.

Here is how all of the teams finished:
Revolt 17s - 17th / 64 Teams
Rebellion 16s - 51st / 64 Teams
Ruckus 15s - 34th / 120 Teams
Riot 14s - 45th / 80 Teams

Congrats to all teams on their respective finishes!



February 5, 2015

Unlucky breaks in Columbus

This past weekend in Columbus should be a learning experience for all of our teams.  They should have learned that you should never give up on any points because winning or losing a single point can mean the difference between continuing the journey towards a championship and being sent to the lower division. More than one of our teams fall victim to local tiebreaking rules.  Revolt fell victim on Saturday. Finishing third in their pool on Saturday, they were not able to be one of the top 4 3rd places finishers so they were placed in the lower division on Sunday with no chance of making it to the gold bracket.  On Sunday, Revolution was a victim as well.  They finished in a 3-way tie for 2nd in their pool where the first and second place finishers moved on to Gold.  Due to the tie breaking rules, they ended up 4th in their pool and were put in the Bronze bracket.  

Even with the tough breaks, the girls learned a lot about themselves and their teammates.  Many of them learned that they can compete at a high level and compete with some of the best teams in the country. Hopefully they can apply this learning when it comes to the upcoming qualifiers.

Here is how all of the teams finished:
Revolution 18s - 15th / 24 Teams
Revolt 17s - 19th / 23 Teams
Rebellion 16s - 22nd / 24 Teams

Congrats to all teams on their respective finishes!



January 27, 2015

Marathon Oil Winterfest

This coming weekend Revolution, Revolt and Rebellion will travel to Columbus, OH to participate in a tournament that promises to be one of the toughest of the year.  The 3 teams will play against some of the best teams in the country in the Marathon Oil Winterfest tournament.  Revolution, Revolt and Rebellion have something to prove this weekend as they are ranked 21st, 24th and 24th, respectively out of 24 teams in each division.

Go to the AES Website for the complete tournament schedule.

Good Luck to all the teams and let's prove the tournament hosts wrong!



January 20, 2015

Paradigm Rebellion brings home first championship of the season!

This past weekend the entire Paradigm club travelled east to Hartford, CT to participate in the Mizuno New England Winterfest.  This was going to be the first test for each team as they all participated at the Open level.  All in all it has a great weekend.  Paradigm Rebellion 16s finished first overall in the tournament going undefeated for the weekend.  Paradigm Revolution 18s matched Rebellions win totals for their first 7 matches.  In the finals, Revolution played their hearts out and fell just short of the championship, losing 23-25, 23-25.

Overall the club did extremely well.  Here is how all of the teams finished:
Revolution 18s - 2nd / 24 Teams
Revolt 17s - 25th / 46 Teams
Rebellion 16s - 1st / 24 Teams
Ruckus 15s - 14th / 24 Teams
Riot 14s - 15th / 24 Teams

Congrats to all the teams!!



January 16, 2015

New England Winterfest

This weekend the entire Paradigm family will be traveling to Hartford, CT to participate in the NERVA New England Winterfest. This will give the players, coaches and families a chance to bond and support each other at the first travel tournament of the season. On Saturday, Riot 14s and Ruckus 15s will be playing in the Morning Wave, while Rebellion 16s, Revolt 17s and Revolution 18s will be playing in the Afternoon Wave.

Go to the AES Website for the complete tournament schedule.

Good Luck to all the teams!!



December 30, 2014

Opening weekend for Revolution, Revolt and Rebellion

This weekend 3 of our teams will open their 2015 tournament season.  Revolution, Revolt and Rebellion will travel down the thruway to Buffalo this weekend to take on some of the best teams in New York, Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada.  The teams will participate in the 6th Annual BNCC Niagara Frontier Can Am.

For more information on the tournament, please go to the tournament page:
BNCC Niagara Frontier Can Am

The tournament schedule has been posted here:
Pool Play

Good luck to the girls as they begin what surely will be an exciting season!



December 19, 2014

All Greater Rochester Selections

Congrats to all the Paradigm players that were recognized in the Democrat & Chronicle by being named to the All Greater Rochester Team.   This year, Paradigm placed 5 players on the 1st Team AGR.  This is the most players in a single season to date.

Abby Beecher - 1st Team
Hannah Cannon - 1st Team
Emma Stoltz - 1st Team
Christa White - 1st Team
Kailey Falk - Honorable Mention
Mandy Napierala - Honorable Mention

Jaclyn Maguire - 1st Team
Megan Hobler - Honorable Mention
Melissa Page - Honorable Mention

Well Done Ladies!!!



November 3rd, 2014

Club Wide Event

The first club wide event of the year will take place Sunday, November 9th from 10-1pm in the Our Lady of Mercy High School gym.

Player activities include team and individual photos for the website, uniform sizing and physical testing. Parents will get a chance to meet with coaches and learn more about volunteer opportunities within the club. Bring your gear and be ready to play after all the paperwork is done!

Parents please bring the following to be turned in:
  • Copy of Birth Certificate and Insurance Card
  • Parent Chaperone Contract
  • Team Food Survey
  • USAV Medical Form
  • Player Bio Sheet
  • Family Contact Information
  • 1st Dues Payment

You will also have an opportunity to visit the "Team Store" as well as meet new and old families.



October 29th, 2014

Final Team Announcement!

Paradigm Volleyball is proud to announce the fifth and final team of our 2014-2015 rosters, Paradigm Riot 14s.  The following 11 players will represent Paradigm this year:
  • Rebecca Braddon - Canandaigua
  • Megan Cammett - Rush Henrietta
  • Lauren Connolly - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Natalie Grabowski - Victor
  • Liza Huber - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Reyelle Merrell - Byron Bergen
  • Melanie Pitcher - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Madeleine Sutton - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Mackenzie Terhaar - Webster Thomas
  • Katie Thrasher - Gates Chili
  • Lily Witkoski - Our Lady of Mercy
More information on each player will be made available in the near future. Select Riot from the �Team� drop-down menu at the top of the page to see the full roster.

Congratulations to the members of Riot!



October 9th, 2014

Another Team Announcement!

Paradigm Volleyball is proud to announce the fourth of our 2014-2015 rosters, Paradigm Ruckus 15s.  The following 11 players will represent Paradigm this year:
  • Paige Colley - Penfield
  • Liannah Delong - Victor
  • Maura Fox - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Megan Hauer - Pittsford Mendon
  • Katie Hobler - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Lindsay Johnson - Rush Henrietta
  • Olivia Lydon - Churchville Chili
  • Katie Meredith - Webster Thomas
  • Lynn Phelps - Webster Thomas
  • Jessica Siragusa - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Olivia Soprano - Our Lady of Mercy
More information on each player will be made available in the near future. Select Ruckus from the �Team� drop-down menu at the top of the page to see the full roster.

Congratulations to the members of Ruckus!



October 7th, 2014

Next 2 Team Announcements!

Paradigm Volleyball is proud to announce 2 more teams for the 2014-2015 club volleyball season.  The Revolt 17s team and the Rebellion 16s have been formed.  The following 21 players will make up this year's teams:

Revolts 17s:
  • Caroline Crilly - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Hannah DeLorenzo - Hilton
  • Megan Hobler - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Kate Huppe - West Irondequoit
  • Jaclyn Maguire - West Irondequoit
  • Christina McAlpin - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Christa Mickol - Brighton
  • Melissa Page - Victor
  • Megan Plain - Pittsford Mendon
  • Maria Simonetti - Our Lady of Mercy
Rebellion 16s:
  • Sarah Braddon - Canandaigua
  • Lauren Ewell - Penfield
  • Emma Falk - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Anna Fumich - Webster Schroeder
  • Lindsey Hernady - Penfield
  • Rachael Nelson - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Kelly O'Connell - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Jamie Rogers - Penfield
  • Juliana Sherbourne - Wayne
  • Nina Swan - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Emily Yancone - Our Lady of Mercy
More information on each player will be added shortly to the site.  You will be able to select Revolt or Rebellion from the �Team� drop-down menu at the top of the page to see the full roster.

Congratulations to the members of Revolt and Rebellion!



September 22nd, 2014

Paradigm Revolution 18s Team Announcement!

Paradigm Volleyball is proud to announce the first of our 2014-2015 rosters. Twelve players were selected to represent Paradigm Revolution.  Revolution will be made up of 3 returning players from last year's Revolution team, 7 players from last year's Revolt and Rebellion team and we welcome 2 new players to the Paradigm family. The girls are very excited and are looking forward to another wonderful club season.   The following players will make up this year's team:
  • Abby Beecher - Penfield
  • Hannah Cannon - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Stephanie Colao - West Irondequoit
  • Lidia DeHaven - Brockport
  • Kailey Falk - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Taylor Kells - Pittsford Sutherland
  • Maddie Kocoloski - Our Lady of Mercy
  • Jes Marini - Pittsford Sutherland
  • Mandy Napierala - West Irondequoit
  • Emma Stoltz - Penfield
  • Christa White - Spencerport
  • Emily Zimmerman - Penfield
For more information on each player, select Revolution from the �Team� drop-down menu at the top of the page to see the full roster.

Congratulations to the members of Revolution!



September 20th, 2014

IMPORTANT - Tryout Time Change for Sunday September 21st!

Tryouts times for the 14s and 12/13s has changed for Sunday September 21st.  We would like to get the girls in the gym an hour earlier than originally stated.  The tryouts for 12/13s and 14s will be from 3-5pm on Sunday.  If you are attending for the first time, please plan on coming 30-60 minutes before tryouts to fillout paperwork, get tryout numbers assigned and to warm up.

Thank you and can't wait to see all the younger girls in the gym tomorrow!



September 3rd, 2014

Paradigm Informational Meeting Documents Now Available!

For those of you that were unable to make the Paradigm Informational Meeting, the documents that were provided during the meeting are now available online.  Please see the links below:
Thank you again for making the Informational Meeting a great success!



August 26, 2014

2014-15 Paradigm Volleyball Tryout Dates

Sunday, September 7th
17s & 18s Tryouts

16s Tryouts

15s Tryouts

Sunday, September 14th (17s& 18s Team Selection)
17s & 18s Tryouts

16s Tryouts

14s & 15s Tryouts

Sunday, September 21st (15s & 16s Team Selection)
15s & 16s Tryouts

12s/13s & 14s Tryouts

Sunday, September 28th
12s/13s & 14s Tryouts 

Sunday, October 5th (12s/13s & 14s Team Selection)
12s/13s & 14s Tryouts

For more information on tryouts, please see the following:
Tryout Information

Good luck to everyone that is planning on trying out.



August 26th, 2014

Thank you to all!

Thank you to everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to attend the Paradigm informational meeting this past Monday evening, August 25th.  This was our most successful and well attended meeting to date.  We are looking forward to a very successful season.

For those of you that were unable to attend, information packets will be posted soon to the website.

Thank you!



August 12, 2014

2014-2015 Paradigm Volleyball Informational Meeting

All players and parents interested in learning more about the 2014-2015 club season of Paradigm Volleyball are invited to our annual informational meeting.

The informational meeting is set for Monday, August 25th at 7:00pm at Our Lady of Mercy High School in the Gymnasium. The meeting will cover coaching assignments, tryout information, practice schedules, cost structure and club philosophy.

Our Lady of Mercy High School
1437 Blossom Rd
Rochester, NY 14610

Please come join us as to learn more about us as we begin our 5th amazing season!!