Paradigm Volleyball has been established to construct a positive learning environment for athletes, while also providing a high level of on court volleyball training.



January 2018

– Riot 14s are champions of the VFX Hocus Pocus Tournament – 14s Division

- Revolution 18s just miss the Gold finals as they tied for first in their second pool but finish hard to take the Silver Bracket finals

February 2018

– Ruckus 15s are champions of the WEVA Festival – 16s Divisio

March 2018

– Ruckus 15s are champions of the WEVA DigFest Tournament – 15s Division, with the Riot 14s taking second place in a hard fought and well played 3 set final match

- Ruckus 15s traveled to the Mizuno Boston Festival and finished as winners of the Silver B bracket, finishing 19th out of 42 teams.

- Revolution 18s sent to 18U Northeast Qualifier hoping for a bid but after a tough 0-2 start they won all remaining 6 matches that weekend.

April 2018

- Rebellion 16s and Revolt 17s fought hard for a bid at NEQ1 in Philadelphia, finishing 5-3 and 5-4 respectively

- Riot 14s played extremely well at NEQ2, making it to the Bronze bracket but losing in a tough finals match.  Ruckus 15s had a tougher weekend but finished strong on Sunday with 3 straight wins to go 4-5 overall for the weekend.

– Rebellions 16s are champions of the NFVB Storm Tournament

May 2018

– Riot 14s are champions of the NFVB Sunshine Showdown Tournament – 14s Division

– Rebellion are champions of the NFVB Mayhem 16s Tournament.  Ruckus 15s also played and went undefeated until their sem-final match, falling just short of getting to meet Rebellion in the finals.