Paradigm Volleyball has been established to construct a positive learning environment for athletes, while also providing a high level of on court volleyball training.


Club Dues Information (2019- 2020 season)


***For any questions please contact Sue Denk ( to send her an email with your question)***


Individual Player Dues: $1400.00

  1. 10% of each team’s dues will be set aside for coaches fees
  2. 50% to facility costs
  3. 10% to new equipment
  4. 20% to uniform and gear
  5.  10% to administrative costs

Estimated Tournament Dues for 18s: $2150-2300
Estimated Tournament Dues for 15s, 16, 17s: $2000 - $2150
Estimated Tournament Dues for 14s, 16-2s &17-2s: $1,300 - $1450

  • Tournament dues cover player and coaches hotels, tournament registrations and coaches stipends
  • Tournament dues will increase substantially if a team qualifies for a bid to USA Nationals 

Individual Player Dues for 12s & 13s: TBD


Payment Schedule

Player Dues

*Due at Club Wide Event (Date TBD) - $700 due (1/2 of yearly dues)

*Week of 11/25 $700 due(remaining portion of player dues)

Travel Dues

*Week of 12/9 - $400.00 due
*Week of 1/6 - $400.00 due
*Week of 1/27 - $400.00 due
*Week of 2/10 - $400.00 due (15s-18s only) $100 due (14s, 16-2s & 17-2s)
*Week of 3/2 - $400.00 due (15s-17s only) / $550 due (18 only)

Paradigm Volleyball will be accepting credit card payments again this season.  The processing fee of 2.75% will be added to the total amount charged to the card.  This can be done at a practice by alerting Sue Denk in advance so she can bring the card reader to run the process.

*****Checks, made out to “Paradigm Volleyball”*****

Checks may be mailed to the following address:

Paradigm Volleyball
c/o Sue Denk
932 Copper Kettle Road
Webster, NY 14580